Themes for a Corporate Event

After you’ve sorted out the company’s budget for the event, now for the fun part.  For some, they may find themselves overwhelmed by the details.  Often choosing a theme will help streamline those ideas.  You may take into consideration other themes the company has done at past events as well as themes that many people can and will participate in.  Below are some popular themes we have seen at events.

With the New Year ringing in the Twenties (2020), the Roaring Twenties is a popular corporate event theme.  The Roaring 20s was a time of parties.  The time brings high-energy, plenty of costume options, and classy décor.  Women can wear Flapper costumes which can include fringed dresses, gloves, headbands and boas.  Men can wear suits, or pin-stripe suits.  Black and gold are the classic background colors.  Props may include antique cars, prohibition signs, gangster (Al Capone) decorations, and more.  The music of the era is upbeat and happy, perfect entertainment for a corporate event or trade show!

Another upbeat theme is the 1950s rockabilly.  Also considered a high energy time, everyone is sure to have a swell time.  When women wore poodle skirts and rockabilly dresses.  Men dressed in suits or button downs and slacks, leather jackets.  Décor may include checkerboard floors, milkshakes and ice cream, and records.  The music is also high energy and catchy.

With any theme you choose, the entertainment plays an essential part to create the atmosphere and adds to the décor of the room.  Choosing entertainment can help liven up a corporate event or trade show.  Whether it is jugglers, face painters or musicians, they can serve as ice breakers and keep the mood lively. 

As a corporate event band, Vivacity works alongside the event planner to coordinate important announcements to be made and listens to suggestions of what the goals of the company are with an event.  Vivacity can play background music while guests are enjoying hors d’oeuvres and switch to upbeat music to get the guests involved, creating an experience they will never forget!  Make your event memorable by choosing a fun theme and letting your guests participate!

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