Swing Dancing Tips

When you go out to your first Swing Dance, hopefully you are excited because they are really fun! But sometimes you might be a little anxious. Here are some Swing Dancing Tips to get you started!

About the Dance Steps

  • “Rock step, Triple step, Triple step” or “Triple step, Triple step, Rock step” – Regardless of whether it starts with a ‘Rock step’ or a ‘Triple step,’ you will probably hear these words.  Your feet will learn to move in time with this cadence. For now just start chanting…”Rock step – tri-ple step, tri-ple step”…
  • Guys – start with your Left foot : Gals – start on your Right foot (usually of course)
  • “Rock step” – called a rock step because weight is shifted towards the back foot when dancing this move, as if rocking back before forward again.  Guys will rock back on the left foot : Girls rock back on the right.
  • Lead and Follow – The Lead (guy) determines the dance move and the Follow (girl) follows it.

How to Improve your Swing Dancing

  • Listen to Swing Music – You will get used to the structure of the songs, the feel of the beat and learn where the stops are
  • Go to Social Swing Dances – There are many Swing Dances in the Central Florida area.  Often you can find local clubs or colleges that host swing dances and check out their Facebook pages
  • Dance with Lots of People – Not just your partner.  You can learn a lot by dancing with different people.
  • Watch Other Dancers – Watch other dancers and try the move.
  • Ask Good Dancers – Ask other dancers about how they do the moves you saw.  Most of them are very helpful and willing to show you.
  • Swing Dance Lessons – Many swing dances have short lessons before the dance. Often you can ask those teachers if you would like a private lesson. 
  • Listen to Live Swing Bands – If you can find a live swing band, you will find more swing dancers. The energy of dancing to a live swing band is exhilarating!

Always Remember to HAVE FUN!

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