Jazz Fun Facts

  • Jazz came about as a blend of African and European musical traditions.
  • Jazz became wildly popular across the United States in the 1920s when radios became a household item and spurred “The Jazz Age.”
  • Louis Armstrong is considered a large influence in increasing the popularity of Jazz and became known as the Ambassador of Jazz.
  • Jazz has many different styles (sometimes based on the location they were played) including Swing, Big Band, New Orleans Jazz, Brazilian Jazz, Be-bop, Dixieland and more!
  • Jazz is always evolving, incorporating influences from other musical cultures as it travels the world always creating new distinct styles.
  • Jazz music is often played as “easy listening” in many radio stations, elevators, office buildings, and wedding receptions.
  • The saxophone became a distinctive instrument to be used in live Jazz bands in the 1920s.
  • Jazz introduced new dance forms such as the Charleston, Black Bottom and the Trot.
  • F. Scott Fitzgerald is the first writer to refer to the 1920s as “The Jazz Age” in his book “The Great Gatsby”
  • Jazz Trios are a common configuration of a Jazz band and are often comprised of a pianist, bass player and drummer.

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