1920s Slang for a Great Gatsby Party!

Happy Days Are Here Again! Roaring 20s / Great Gatsby Parties are back in fashion. So put your glad rags on and join the fun!

  • “Cut a Rug” –a slang term for dancing in the 1920s meaning to dance so much it would wear a spot on the carpet or “cut a rug” i.e. “The band is swingin’ let’s cut a rug”
  • “Bootlegging” – selling alcohol illegally during Prohibition in the Roaring 20s
  • “Cat’s Pajamas” – refers to anything that’s good i.e. “Vivacity’s Orlando Jazz Band is the cat’s pajamas!”
  • “Speakeasies” – dens, saloons, or nightclubs selling illicit alcohol during Prohibition in the 1920s.  Nicknamed speakeasies because customers had to whisper codes to enter.
  • “Hooch” – a popular word for “alcohol” in the 1920s i.e. “Let’s check out the Jazz Band and get some hooch in our cup.”
  • “Flappers” –females going against the traditional – trying new fashions with shorter skirts and makeup, smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol and jazz dancing
  • “Hot Tomato” – attractive woman
  • “Bee’s Knees” – same idea as the cat’s pajamas i.e. “This Swing Band is the bee’s knees!”
  • “Cheaters” – glasses i.e. “Let me put my cheaters on so I can see this awesome band!”
  • “Giggle Water” – another term for alcohol
  • “Hotsy Totsy” – attractive or good looking

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